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Cast Inserts

In certain occasions, a die cast tool can be designed to incorporate dowels and other inserts. In these instances, the die cast operator places the insert into the tool for each shot and the part is cast around it. This leaves the insert permanently in place within the part and eliminates the need for secondary assembly and or machining operations.


Cast Threads

Casting external threads into die cast parts has become a common practice in order to eliminate secondary machining operations. The most efficient method to casting threads is to reduce the thread profile to a flat along the parting line. This eliminates the possibility of creating parting line flash inside the thread profile. In cases that demand 100% thread circumference, proper foresight and tooling design can help to minimize the issue as well.




Complex Parting Lines

With proper knowledge of the casting process tooling design, even the most complex parts can be produced with high quality and efficiency. In many cases, we assist our customers with different parting-lines or alternate feature modifications which eliminate secondary operations. The end result is reduction in cost without sacrificing the original design intent and function of the part.




Innovative Tooling Design

At ADAMS Die Cast, no job is too complex. Our team of engineers examines each part from every angle possible to come up with the best method of production. Using advanced die casting techniques, features that would be extremely difficult to even machine can be cast into the part with no need for secondary operations. This example depicts a cast internal helical profile and its matching external counterpart.


Multi-Configuration Tooling

Upfront cost can be saved on tooling by designing ahead for different configurations. Rather than requiring separate tools, many similar parts can be produced from a single tool by utilizing quick-change components or simple secondary operations.


Precision Machining

When a part requires features that are not possible to be simply cast, ADAMS Die Cast provides in-house machining options for our customers. This is the most cost effective option as there are no external mark-ups. Because everything is done to our own process standards, we can guarantee our quality to our customers. The example shows a part requiring 6 tapped holes, O.D. machining, and a bore with snap-ring groove held to +/- .0004”.


Simple Parts

Not every part contains a highly complex parting-line or difficult features. Tooling for very simple parts can be built with a high number of cavities in order to maximize efficiency and provide the lowest piece price possible.