CNC Machining & Secondary Operations

Housing the latest CAD technology and CNC machines, ADAMS Die Cast offers secondary operations within our own manufacturing process in turn granting more precise quality control. This competitive business model ensures our customers the greatest cost savings possible without sacrificing exceptional part quality.

ADAMS Die Cast has grown to include standalone machining applications in our line-up as well. Our veteran experience in aluminum and steel machining makes us the ideal candidate for any project.

In-house capabilities:
-Simple drilling & tapping
-CNC milling & lathe work
-4th & 5th axis fixture & part machining
-Complete tooling design and production including assistance in part engineering
-Vibratory deburring (included with all casting quotes unless otherwise specified by customer)
-Packing & assembly
-Punch-press trimming (Die cast tooling designed by ADAMS will not require trim tooling, however we offer the service for customers with pre-existing fixtures.)

ADAMS Die Cast offers the following services through strategic partnerships:

-Powder coating
-Shot bead blasting
-Heat treating
-Plastic & rubber over-molding

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