Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting Capabilities

ADAMS Die Cast, Inc. capitalizes on innovative die design to eliminate need for part trimming. We’re also able to pass setup cost savings on to the customer, realized through use of our custom designed unit die. Our focus and experience secures ADAMS Die Cast as the most competitive name in small to medium size castings on the market.

Max. Part Weight: 5 lbs

Casting Tolerance Aluminum: +/- .002in. (+/-.001 each additional inch)

Casting Tolerance Zinc: +/- .001in. (+/- .001 each additional inch)

Surface Finish: 32-63RMS

Minimum Draft Requirement: 1-3 degrees is ideal (0 degrees can be obtained under certain design conditions)

Minimum Section Thickness: .06in. for small parts and .09in. for medium parts.

Ordering Quantities: Under 100 to more than 10,000 dependent on manufacturing lead times.

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